Artisan Furniture AZ uses only American Hardwoods grown and harvested in sustainable forests, we purchase most of our wood from small family owned and operated saw mills. This allows Artisan Furniture to keep it's costs to a minimum, which allows us to keep our prices down.

Customers are always welcome to come by the Artisan shop and visit or check up on the progress of their piece. If your not a customer yet, your still welcome to stop by and visit.

Where art meets Function

Don Judd

Owner and chief Craftsman.

The world renowned furniture craftsman Sam Maloof was quoted as saying "Furniture such as chairs and tables should be built for function not as art pieces."

Artisan Furniture AZ builds furniture using that quote as our mantra. The wood we use may have color changes and grain segments that when sanded and finished may give a piece an artistic appeal, but be assured the pieces are constructed with function and beauty equally. 

3134 West Lewis Suite # 31

Phoenix, AZ 85009


Artisan Furniture AZ LLC